Six M’s of MP Multiplatform Advertising



Marketing Consultation

A fact finding meeting to discuss the client products and-or services to determine current strengths and weaknesses, competitive environment, business cycle, cost of sale, and business opportunities.



Marketing Strategy

Based on the marketing consultation and current business goals, we determine the smartest way to deliver results.
The expectation is to achieve the client’s goals, with the smartest media mix, with one or more media platforms.



Marketing-Media Research

Extensive market research is conducted to determine, based on each client’s specific needs, the most effective and efficient ways to deliver results and achieve the client’s advertising and sales goals.
Pricing is requested from the market and each media platform.



Media Planning

Based on the history and pricing in the market, for each platform, we determine the best value media vehicles, impressions or gross rating point distribution and suggested budget allocation to each platform.



Media Placement

Negotiation with each media platform to get the best value for the overall campaign.
This will involve multiple rounds of negotiation to insure we are reaching the client’s goals while getting the best value for our client’s advertising investment.



Measure-Manage Results

Analyze results with the client in a timely manner based on sales cycles and prior year-quarter-month-week results.
Depending on each client’s specific needs and expectations, we optimize results, then revise the plan, if necessary.
Conduct a post campaign analysis to determine the best path forward.