tv2Television offers sight, sound, motion & emotion to deliver your message. Broadcast television:  Maximum reach, with the ability target with specific programs and content, including news and sports.  Broadcast also offers high awareness, and is strong when building brand and image and credibility with a relatively low CPM. Cable television:  Cable television can target & deliver broad audiences or pinpoint target geographically and-or demographically.  Cable television is effective and efficient and a great way to bring balance and frequency to any media plan.   MP Advertising will help you use television to deliver the prospects your want to reach & to drive your business sales and profit.


Digital advertising is a great way to reach prospects geographically, demographically and cost effectively.  You can measure results and optimize to make sure you maximize advertising budgets.  Retargeting, Outreach, IP Targeting, Dynamic Creative, Video Outreach/Retargeting, Mobile Landing page, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Website Creation & Social Media Management are some of the digital offerings that MP Advertising will use to help diversify your media plan and maximize results.




Radio advertising offers targeted audiences based on format, community involvement, station loyalty and is a strong vehicle for promotions and tie-ins.  Radio is a frequency medium where you can go into detail about your product or service.  Radio is a “mobile”, meaning people use it while they are on the go, or at work.   Production costs are relatively low for radio, and depending on station inventory, can be bought and executed quickly.  Depending on your needs and budgets, radio can be an important part of your media plan.  MP Advertising will select the best radio stations to deliver the best prospects to your business.


Direct Mail

Direct mail advertising is another great advertising vehicle that targets geographically and demographically.  Direct mail offers a predictable return on investment.  Excellent for delivering messages to existing customers, as well as, outreach in specific areas.  The direct mail message can be personalized to the targets name & the length of message is not limited.  Direct mail works extremely well with other targeted media (digital and cable) to deliver a strong campaign.  Let MP Advertising create the most effective & efficient campaign to help your business grow.


Print offers high reach with older demographic targets.  Newspaper advertising can also provide zoning/editorial compatibility and in some cases geographic flexibility.  Print ads also delivers detailed messages and detailed messages.  Community and-or niche newspapers delivers local appeal and inexpensive community coverage.  MP Advertising, when appropriate, will use print as part of a Multiplatform campaign to educate the public about your products and services and with a strong & consistent message.


Outdoor delivers reach, flexibility, superior graphics capability.  Optimal use of outdoor advertising is directional and brand-image messaging.  MP Advertising will deliver outdoor advertisements that will delivers impressions in key locations with cost efficient reach.